Teen Mom Dads, Husbands & Boyfriends Ranked: Who’s #1?!

So how great are all those guys on Teen Mom, huh?! Such remarkable specimens of manhood, every one of them, filled to the brim with integrity, compassion, and grace.

… Wait, like 85% of them are completely terrible human beings?

Well, huh.

Sure, some of them baby daddies are awful, but some of the aren't! Some of them are kind of OK, and a few are even great!

Check out our ranking of all the Teen Mom fellas, from best to worst.

And prepare to be amazed, as always, at the level of awfulness on this show.

1.Cole DeBoer

2.Taylor McKinney

3.Jo Rivera

4.Tyler Baltierra

5.Gary Shirley

6.Corey Simms

7.Andrew Glennon

8.Cory Wharton

9.Jeremy Calvert

10.Javi Marroquin

11.Simon Saran

12.Josh McKee

13.Devoin Austin

14.Jason Jordan

15.Kieffer Delp

16.Luis Miguel

17.Sean Austin

18.Andrew Lewis

19.Matt Baier

20.Chris Lopez

21.Nathan Griffith

22.Ryan Edwards

23.David Eason

24.Adam Lind

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