Ted Cruz Trends on Twitter for This Tweet, Gets Into Feud with Seth Rogen

Texas Senator Ted Cruz‘s tweet about the Paris Climate Agreement and President Joe Biden‘s intention for the United States to rejoin the worldwide pact to reduce emissions is going viral and he’s being publicly called out by actor Seth Rogen.

“By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans,” Cruz tweeted.

The Paris Climate Agreement does not benefit the citizens of Paris directly, rather, the world. The reason the Paris Climate Agreement is named after the city is because it was signed there in 2015 by world leaders. The United States is actually the 2nd largest producer of carbon emissions, behind number one, China.

Well, Seth saw this tweet and quickly told him off.

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