Taylor Swift Says She Doesn't Really Read Anything Written About Herself

A Taylor Swift YouTube fan channel posted a recent interview Taylor conducted with Germany’s RTL to promote her performance on the Germany’s Next Top Model finale, which is a pretty random sentence if I’ve ever written one. During the interview, Taylor was asked how she handles the criticism one faces when they release new material to the world. I always pictured Taylor Swift as the type who has a giant countdown clock set every time she drops a new music video, and immediately discharges a team of computer-literate cats who immediately start scanning the internet for feedback, and classifying each critic from “Squad Worthy” to “Shit List Supreme.” That wouldn’t be the case.

Taylor answered:

“When you create music, publicly, in front of a lot of people, you’re always susceptible to just constant – kind of like, discussion, and criticism and whatever, but I don’t really read a lot about myself. I don’t read very many things. Like, so I’ve just kind of learned that’s the way that I can do this and not get overwhelmed.

If I feel proud of what I’ve done, I don’t want to read it if it’s too positive, and I don’t want to read it if it’s too negative. I don’t want to have an inflated sense of ego, or just be like, really low. I don’t want my mood to fluctuate based on what people are saying, so I don’t really read a lot.”

It might be too late to prevent that inflated sense of ego. After all, she did just release a song titled “ME!” However, she is listening when you say something nice about her.

“I can take a compliment, compliments are great. Because you have enough people are like, saying the opposite. So when you hear enough criticism, like I definitely whenever anybody gives me a compliment, like I really take it and cherish it and appreciate it. Because that’s so nice. Everybody deals with the same self-esteem issues. So when somebody pays a compliment, that’s very nice.”

What Taylor is saying sounds like the exact opposite of Taylor’s truth (well, except the part about how she loves when people kiss her ass with compliments; that sounds accurate). But despite this, I think I actually believe her.

Taylor doesn’t have to read all the mean stuff written about her, because she was born with a sixth sense that detects shade and hate the second someone puts it out there. If she didn’t pay attention to the haters, then where in the world would she get the material to cobble together an album?  The lyrics to “Shake It Off” are all about how “they” won’t stop talking shit about her. She clearly has some kind of psychic super-power. Quick, turn off your brain! Taylor is listening. What’s that? You turned off your brain the second it started to hear “Shake It Off“? Oh yeah, I get it.

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