Taylor Swift Destroys Kanye West! UFOs Are Real! Mukbang Vloggers Discriminated Against By YouTube! AND…

Taylor Swift speaks now and speaks out about Kanye West! We have so many thoughts on her big Rolling Stone interview! Tom Delonge‘s UFO videos were not fake! The Navy confirms their authenticity! MIND BLOWN!!! YouTube is hurting mukbang channels! Beyond lame! For the lamest reason! Madonna needs to fix a big tour problem! Aaron Carter‘s sister and ex-girlfriend unite against him! The Jeff Lewis preschool drama has me aghast!!!

And more of today’s hottest headlines, including Whitney Houston, Saved By The Bell, The Bachelor, Jersey Shore and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

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TAYLOR SWIFT tells all to Rolling Stone:



UFOs are real:



AARON CARTER denies allegations against him:



MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR not approached about Saved By The Bell reboot:



JEFF LEWIS’s daughter expelled because of him:



RACHEL LINDSAY wanted a vlack Bachelor:


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