Tarek El Moussa Stands Up for Wife Heather Rae Young Following ‘Tone Deaf’ Post Backlash

Shortly after his wife found herself under fire for posting about their baby boy’s first flying experience, the former ‘Flip or Flop’ co-host jumps in to publicly defend her.

AceShowbizTarek El Moussa has stood up for Heather Rae Young. Shortly after his wife was flooded with backlash for putting out what many deemed to be a “tone deaf” post, the former “Flip or Flop” co-host jumped into the heat to publicly show his support for her.

The real estate investor defended his “Selling Sunset” star wife in the comment section of her Monday, May 1 Instagram post. When a fan commented, “a plane is a plane – flying is flying – she breast fed him before and after and that’s what helped nothing do with being in a private jet,” he responded by sending a slew of clapping emojis.

The “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa” host’s defense for the mother of his 3-month-old son Tristan did not stop with the emoji reply. In a separate comment, he once again showered her and their child with love by writing, “Love you guys!!!”

Joining Tarek in defending Heather were a few of her devotees. One in particular wrote, “How y’all complaining about her flying private, like she really has a choice. She is a celebrity! They barely get privacy as it is lol not to mention she worked hard af so why not enjoy it! broke ppl stay bothered fr.”

Another shared similar sentiment by writing, “For those commenters, she’s not ‘privileged’, flying private, she works her a*s off. If we had to money, we would do it too. She didn’t say, ‘omg moms, you should try this’, she said ‘here’s a tip that worked for me, breastfeed up and down’, that has zero to do with how she’s flying.”

“You can all breastfeed on any commercial or private plane too. This is another reason why no one wants to share their life and their pictures. The moms out there being rude, are shaming her for her lifestyle. Her and Tarek work every day almost and their jobs are just as stressful. It’s unfortunate we can’t all just say, ‘awe cute pics’ and move on,” the follower continued.

Heather herself was blasted by many after she shared Tristan’s first experience flying, describing it as an easy one. “I breast fed him on the way up and then again on the way down to help with ear popping- It worked perfectly and then the rest of the flight he just giggled, played and looked around and was so happy & didn’t cry once,” she noted in her post.

Many, however, felt that her experience was unrelatable. They argued that flying on a private jet with a baby was different. “Private jet with help, is not an accomplishment. It’s straight privilege (and your hard work) but ZERO precent relatable,” one critic pointed out.

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