T.I. Recalls Defusing Tense Standoff Between The Game and LAPD

T.I. once managed to avert a gun battle between Los Angeles Police Department officers and fellow rapper The Game in a tense gang standoff.

The “Live Your Life” hitmaker famously persuaded Creed rocker Scott Stapp not to commit suicide by jumping off a Miami, Florida building in 2006, and he played hero once again in Southern California, when he halted a potential shootout.

The rap star details the event on his new album, “Dime Trap”, with T.I. admitting he was awkwardly caught in the middle of a dangerous situation while hanging out with The Game in Los Angeles.

“I spoke about this on the album, but I had a standoff with the L.A.P.D.,” he recalls to GQ. “It was me, Game, and a few more gang members. I’m the only motherf**ker not from L.A., and I’m not an active gang member. I’m just standing out here because I feel like doing what’s right. And it was a real standoff with police.”

Although he was truly in the wrong place at the wrong time, T.I. managed to save the day by being an on-the-spot mediator: “I was able to kind of resolve that situation and talk everyone down,” he shares. “I think I was the most concerned for my life at that moment, when the police got their guns out on us and we’re face to face with them, and Game is like, ‘Man, f**k that s**t! I’m ready to die! You gonna kill somebody?!?’ And I go, ‘Well, listen, he’s getting carried away. What we want to do is make sure everybody get a chance to go home again (sic).’ And there were no arrests, no one went to jail or got hurt.”

T.I. also saved a man from jumping off a 22-story building in his native Atlanta, Georgia in 2010, and he admits these heroic incidents are becoming far too common, noting that within hours after averting The Game’s shootout with cops, he rescued a woman from a car accident.

“And the very next day, I’ll be damned if I’m riding down Crenshaw (Boulevard) and a car in front of me flips over on its side with the driver’s window up in the air and the wheels facing outward,” he says. “I see that, pull over… We had to climb up and reach down in the car to pull this young lady out.

“She didn’t have no panties on neither (sic),” the rapper adds. “She had a little nightgown on. She said, ‘Ooh, I ain’t got no panties on (sic)!’ So I look away, and then she said, ‘Is that T.I.?’ And I got the hell on (out of there) before my cover was blown. But that kind of s**t happens to me all the time. And I think I just respond to situations like that. Maybe out of habit because I’ve been through so many emergencies, unfortunately.”

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