SEVENTEEN’s ‘Semicolon’ Album Details Will Make CARATs Want To Celebrate

Brace yourselves, CARATs, because SEVENTEEN is making another comeback! This October, the group will drop their newest EP ; [Semicolon], marking their third Korean release of 2020 and their fourth album this year overall. So if you’re a fan, you need to read SEVENTEEN’s ; [Semicolon] album details in order to not miss a single thing about their next comeback.

; [Semicolon] will arrive just a few weeks after the group released their Japanese mini album 24H and four months after dropping their previous Korean EP, Heng:garæ, featuring their single "Left & Right" in June. Heng:garæ surpassed one million sales in its first week of release, so fans have high expectations for ; [Semicolon].

SEVENTEEN’s album details reveal this comeback is going to be huge, so check out their schedule below.

Semicolon Release Date

CARATs, make sure you mark Oct. 19 in your calendar because that’s the day SEVENTEEN will drop ; [Semicolon]. The EP will be out worldwide at 6 PM KST (5AM ET). Fans can pre-order the album now until Oct. 18. If you’re researching the best websites to purchase it from, try the Weverse Shop (You can download it in the app store if you don’t have it already). The platform is doing a special giveaway that will give some lucky fans the chance to win a videocall fansign with SEVENTEEN.

Semicolon Album Concept

CARATs will love SEVENTEEN’s album concept because it’s so unique. Just like its title implies, ; [Semicolon] is inspired by what a semicolon represents.

"In a sentence, a semicolon allows a momentary break to enable seamless continuity and unhindered explanation," SEVETEEN explained in a press release. "Youth also calls for a temporary break, which paves the way for longevity. The semicolon is not a symbol of the end. Rather, it represents the eternity of our journey in life. It gives the young generation a moment of laughter through the melody and instills hope to appreciate the true joy of living in the moment."

Unlike Heng:garæ, which represents a "journey of youth," ; [Semicolon] is also described as an "invitation for youth."

Semicolon Album Details

K-Pop albums are always jam-packed with all kinds of goodies and SEVENTEEN’s new EP is no exception. Get this: ; [Semicolon] will have 14 different versions, with one dedicated to each member of the group and a group version. Each edition will come with the following items:

  • CD-R
  • WEAVING KIT 150 x 150mm (First-run only)
  • FOLDED POSTCARD 120 x 100mm – 2 Versions (1 out of 2 Random)
  • MINI CARD – 4 Versions (1 out of 13 Random)
  • STICKER 80 x 50mm
  • PHOTOCARD 55 x 85mm (2 out of 26 Random)
  • POSTER 594 x 420mm (First-run only)

Semicolon Tracklist

The EP will have six songs total: "Home;Run," "Do Re Mi," "HEY BUDDY," "Light a Flame," "AH! LOVE," and "All My Love." The lead single, "Home;Run," is described as a swing-genre based song that combines retro, rhythmic, and cheerful sounds. WOOZI helped write and compose the song, while VERNON and SEUNGKWAN also helped write some of the lyrics.

Fans will be excited to hear this EP includes several sub-unit tracks. "Do Re Mi" will feature SEUNGKWAN, VERNON, and DINO. "HEY BUDDY" will have The8, MINGYU, and DK. "Light a Flame" will see JUN, HOSHI, WONWOO, and WOOZI working together, while "AH! LOVE" will have S.COUPS, JEONGHAN, and JOSHUA teaming up.

See the tracklist and album credits below.

Fans can also hear a preview of the songs below.

Semicolon Video Teaser

CARATs can get more of an idea of SEVENTEEN’s next concept through their ; [Semicolon] video teaser. The clip shows the members enjoying their time together while sharing drinks and going bowling together. Some of the guys receive invitations that say "Work Hard" and "Rest Hard," which could reference their concept of youth calling for a "temporary break."

CARATs, comeback season is officially here, so be prepared for what’s to come from SEVENTEEN!

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