Sen. Elizabeth Warren Responds to Elon Musk's Tax Dig

Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s response to Elon Musk is pretty simple — amounting to the same thing she’s been saying all along … that the guy’s gotta pony up.

We got SEW on Capitol Hill and asked if she thought the Tesla chief would start paying his fair share in taxes after the scolding she gave him online over what she perceives as him taking advantage of loopholes … and avoiding the IRS as a result.

Liz has a list of people she’s speaking on behalf of here in response to their little back-and-forth — mentioning everyday Americans from waitresses to school teachers and everyone else in between.

In the name of those folks — whom the senator says pay more in taxes than Musk — she tells us there’s a simple solution to get her to stop ragging on him … and it involves the guy opening up his wallet.

There’s also a call to action on Congress, it seems, because it doesn’t seem like EM’s gonna do all this out of the goodness of his heart — the tax code’s gotta change, and she totally advocates for that (again) here.

Ball’s in your court, Elon!

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