Selena Gomez Gets Trolled by Younger Sister Gracie on TikTok

Even Selena Gomez isn’t immune to the trolling of Gen Z! The 29-year-old pop star took to her TikTok account to post a funny video with her younger sister, Gracie Elliot Teefey, 8. 

In the clip, Gracie looks at Selena, saying, “You embarrass me.”

It’s clear to see why as Selena attempts to make a video before declaring, “I just deleted the whole TikTok!” in a frustrated voice. 

Selena then tries to transfer the sisterly duo over to a platform she’s more familiar with, saying, “See, this is where it’s at. Snapchat is… wait… what?!”

Selena seemed to be struggling with all forms of social media, jokingly captioning the TikTok, “Remember snap chat guys.”

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