Sarah Silverman Reveals Her Own Louis C.K. Masturbation Experience

Wow. Sarah Silverman has revealed she, too, was on the receiving end of Louis CK‘s bits.

But she wants to make it clear she wasn’t a victim.

On Monday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, the I Love You America host said back in the day Louis asked her if he could masturbate in front of her, and she told him:

“F**k yeah, I want to see that!”

This apparently happened more than once, as she says some of the time she would tell him no, and he respected her wishes.

She also says that as rising comics “letting our freak flags fly” they would sometimes do wild things like go streaking together.

Sarah makes the important point that she and Louis were peers, making this a different situation from him approaching young comics who might be afraid to say no to a very powerful person in their industry.

However, she also says she’s fine with her friend making a comeback, so long as he *ahem* comes clean about the scandal on stage.

What do YOU think, Perezcious standup fans??

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