Sapar Karyagdyyev: What is more effective for business—white label or full turnkey

Before establishing an iGaming business, any potential owner faces the problem of finding the best solution for its launch. A solution that, among other things, will help to minimize the time spent on the project development and launch. Sapar Karyagdyyev, CEO at Gamingtec, a leading iGaming platform provider, analyzes the pros and cons of the white label and the full turnkey and explains why the second solution is preferred for the iGaming business.

Today, there are two main methods of software development for the media entertainment industry. The first one is a white label solution that is a pre-made online franchise an entrepreneur can simply buy from a provider. The second one is a full turnkey. Its main difference is customization and flexibility. This option is optimal for building your own iGaming website.

First, let’s analyze the white label solution. According to Sapar Karyagdyyev, this option is good for newcomers to the media entertainment industry and iGaming. That is, an entrepreneur can buy a ready-made, legally operating online business. At the same time, the platform will already have a license and the functions necessary for doing business. Such a solution will help understand the nuances of the industry so that the business operates without unpleasant consequences,  establish relations with content providers, find the most suitable payment systems, and analyze the players’ preferences.

The specialist notes that beginners who are just getting acquainted with the world of  media entertainment and iGaming should pay attention to the white label. Through such a solution, the entrepreneurs can quickly develop their business and achieve the so-called “glass ceiling.” In this case, the white label will no longer meet all the necessary requirements of the big business, and a full turnkey platform will be needed.

Sapar Karyagdyyev says that the full turnkey is ideal for a large-capitalization business. For instance, the holder of a full turnkey iGaming business has full control over all its components, from cash flows to working with providers. In addition, this solution will allow one to create a platform with a unique design, customize its structure, choose payment systems and games, and obtain the appropriate license. According to the expert, this is the best option for creating a unique brand that will flourish, as well as for its further scaling.

The full turnkey business requires an iGaming license. It is not easy to obtain it. In addition, this process takes a lot of time, but without it, the business will not develop steadily. Of course, one can use the platform provider’s license, but this method has a significant drawback: even if you attract a huge number of clients, they will all “remain” with the platform provider. And if you change the provider, then you will have to attract new players, that is, literally start your business from scratch.

The CEO of Gamingtec assures that the company’s team is aware of all the difficulties of obtaining a license, and therefore gives comprehensive advice to each of its clients. The company is ready to provide full support in solving legal nuances, and also guarantees that the platform meets all the requirements of a technical audit.

In conclusion, Sapar Karyagdyyev notes that the white label is perfect for those businessmen who are just starting to understand the multimedia entertainment industry. This solution is somewhat similar to a simulator or a playground where, in principle, you can play safely. However, this option has very few opportunities and is not suitable for a large-scale business. And the full turnkey works best for the businessmen who are ready to make substantial capital investments and run an independent online iGaming project, while the contractor (platform provider) will deal with the development issues. Thanks to this solution, one can create a truly powerful project that will flourish.