‘Said goodbye’ Fern Britton inundated with support after sad loss as beloved cat dies

Fern Britton talks about her first heartbreak

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Fern Britton, 64, took to social media to share the sad news that her beloved cat had died on Tuesday. The former This Morning presenter shared a picture along with a heartwarming message dedicated to her rescue pet Bob.

13 years of unadulterated character and dearly loved.

Fern Britton

Fern took to Twitter in view of her 113,100 followers to share a close-up picture of her pet.

The black and white feline looked stunning with its large brown eyes.

She sadly captioned the post: “Said goodbye to dear Bob today. 13 years of unadulterated character and dearly loved.

“The finest £60 for the RSPCA I ever spent.”

Many social media users rushed to the post’s comments to share their condolences with the presenter.

MariaKimble11 said: “So sorry to hear this xx I lost my beloved Khafre just over 4 years ago at the age of 18. He was my world.

“A week later Shelby was found in a graveyard in the snow and he just fitted in and stayed. No one claimed him he wasn’t chipped and didn’t match any missing cats.”

Cherylmoore3 added: “Sorry for your loss Fern. I lost my best friend (dog) two weeks ago and it’s still very hard to get over.”

Peasmoldia commented: “Bless his little heart. We’ve been there too and know how you’ll be feeling.

“But what a wonderful life he will have had thanks to your love and care and fuss.”

Fern, a serious lover of animals, previously spoke about her love for furry creatures.

In 2020, she explained: “I have just realised I live in a house full of dogs, cats, bikes and daughters and am counting my blessings… before I take the rubbish out, mop some sick cat and empty the dishwasher.”

This comes after the presenter split from her husband Phil Vickery, admitting her pets keep her company.

Fern was married to Phil for 20 years and he remained living in the family home in Buckinghamshire while she moved to their other home in Cornwall.

She said previously: “One of my cats, Bob, you feel something in the night, then you get a paw and a few claws and then he whispers in your ear, ‘I don’t know if you are aware of it but it’s almost 4am and I am hungry.’

“And it is every morning and that is Bob. So I have Bob and Brandy and she is an absolute b***h. She really is. She comes in, bashing away.

“We have a little doggy as well and he has become my grandson. They are all very sweet.”

Fern and Phil tied the knot 20 years ago in 2000, after Fern had split from former husband Clive in the same year following a 12-year marriage.

The couple share daughter Winnie, 20, whilst the Ready Steady Cook presenter also has twins Harry and Jack, 28 and Grace, 25, with former husband Clive Jones.

Fern now lives in Cornwall with her two daughters and has taken up a number of hobbies that help with her mental and physical wellbeing as she works to move forward with life.

However, friends in Cornwall helped her with laughter after a rough three year period, which saw her lose both of her parents and a family pet.

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