Royal Author Claims Meghan Markle Faced "Animosity" at the Palace and "Someone Hated Her"

Royal historian Robert Lacey has a new dramatically-titled book coming out called Battle of the Brothers, meaning he’s currently doing ye old promotional interview rounds. And they’re honestly almost as !!!! as the book itself. During a chat with the Sunday Times (via The Mirror), Robert basically confirmed that Duchess Meghan was treated super poorly by the Palace, who had open animosity for her. He even claimed that one person (who he wouldn’t name) actively “hated” her, which is insane because she is extremely down to earth, nice, and kind—which is more than we can say for some members of the royal family, ahem.

“There was personal animosity in the palace towards Meghan—and the feeling is mutual,” Lacey said. “There was somebody in the palace—and I can’t name them—who hated Meghan. There is no love lost there.”

As everyone knows, Meghan and Harry ended up stepping down from senior royal duties and fully moving away from England. It was a pretty major royal upheaval, but considering the unrelenting and racist criticism directed towards Meghan—and the fact that the Palace was clearly less than supportive of her—it’s hardly surprising that they wanted to leave. Wouldn’t you? Exactly.

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