Robyn Brown Trashed, Labeled a “Villain” in Wake of Revealing Sister Wives Promo

Robyn Brown is getting dragged left and right by Sister Wives fans at the moment.

Actually, to be more specific, Robyn Brown is getting dragged left and right and in every possible direction by Sister Wives fans at the moment.

As you may have heard and/or seen, TLC released an extended traiiler for the show’s 16th season this week, giving fans an up close, personal and fascinating look at what’s to come this fall.

It certainly appears as if tension will be running wilder than ever before on Season 16, as COVID-19 takes a personal toll on each member of the Brown family.

“When it comes to the virus, I’m not willing to gamble a family member’s life,” Kody explains, outlining why he’s mostly just sticking at home with Robyn. “I am the only one that’s going from home to home.”

This decision doesn’t sit very well with Kody’s other spouses, though.

“Do you know what COVID’s brought out, is how much we want to be a family,” Christine says in response. “We’re not.”

Elsewhere in the trailer, which we’ve shared below, Robyn becomes emotional,.

She says the group is “crumbling” and comes across as overly self-defensive when accused of playing a role in the family’s dissolution.

According to critics, that is.

They jumped on social media after the preview went viral and took Robyn to task for trying way too hard to garner sympathy and for attempting to play the victim.

“Sobyn is just….ugh! She needs to find something else to do other than crying bc she’s played it out,” one Reddit user lashed out, for example, while another agreed as follows:

“Wow. I REALLY hate Robyn now. She is the villain. She does not have that sweet persona like she did when she was first introduced to the family.”

A third person wondered how Robyn still doesn’t think she’s at fault for any of the family’s issues, stating:

“He’s great at trying to manipulate, but it’s obvious she took full advantage of COVID.”

Taking full advantage of COVID?!? Ouch.

Plenty of haters are clearly out in full force.

Most of them understand the frustrations of Meri and Christine, considering how Kody treats them, which is why their vitriol is saved for Kody’s only legal spouse.

“Manipulative people like Robyn deny, deny, deny so they do not lose power or control over the one(s) they are using to conduct their manipulation,” fired off another troll.

The trailer explores Robyn being the labeledd “head wife” by her fellow sister wives, as she fights back and tells Meri, Janelle and Christine to stop beiing “suspicious” of her.

The new season will also chronicle the Browns’ move to Flagstaff, most notably whether Christine — who just sold her house!!!! — actually wants to stick around.

Is she interested in her husband’s grand plan?

In buiding a compound on the Coyote Pass property he purchased in 2018 and has not yet started to build on yet?

Nope! She’s not!

“Why would I want to live on the same property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there, (Kody’s) got a full-functioning marriage? Who would ever want to live like that?” she asks, referencing Robyn.

“Who would ever want to live like that?”

That’s a fair question, isn’t it?

Sister Wives returns with new episodes at 10/9c on Sunday, November 21.

Check out the trailer in question immediately above!

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