Rob Kardashian Sold Kris Jenner Half Of His Company Amid Financial Turmoil

Rob Kardashian says that it has been such a struggle for him to get back on his feet following his tumultuous split from Blac Chyna that he has had to move back into mother Kris Jenner’s home and was even forced to give half of his Arthur George sock line up to her.

According to documents that the Blast obtained from his recent request to have the court lower $20,000 per month child support payments he has been paying, Rob wound up having to sell the $2.3 million house that Kris purchased for him in 2016. What’s more, during the rough patch that he’d apparently endured while being dragged through legal proceedings, the Kardashian brother saw no other means of keeping his 6-year-old company afloat but by leaning on Kris to continue financing it. As a result, Rob is now only part owner of the brand.

“When the business was struggling, my mother infused it with capital to keep it afloat and from her infusion gained a 50% share in the company,” the document reads. In the legal declaration that Kris was required to supply the court with, she confirmed the claim, stating, “I helped Robert with his sock line business, Arthur George. I infused the business with capital, purchased goods, and set up distribution and fulfillment centers amongst other tasks. In exchange for the work I did and the money I put in, I acquired 50% interest in the business.”

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Rob is claiming that Arthur George’s sales began to decline as a result of him taking a social media hiatus after Chyna obtained a domestic violence restraining order and pressed charges against him for posting nude photographs of her in the summer of 2017. The reclusive reality television star says that the business’ success depended largely on the work he had been putting in via social media up until that point and that he’s lost out on endorsement and promotional opportunities to boot. Furthermore, the document quotes Rob as declaring that the controversy has forced him to avoid appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians – a gig that reportedly paid him $50,000 on an episode by episode basis.

According to the Daily Mail, Rob claims his income has dropped from $100,000 per month to $10,000 per month and believes that if anything, Blac Chyna should be paying him child support and not the other way around. He projects that Chyna has amassed over $1.4 million in cash and checking accounts and has $1 million worth of stocks and other assets to go along with it.

Based on the $60,000 it is believed that she pulls in monthly as a model, Rob’s lawyer has reportedly provided him an estimate of $2,864 that they believe he ought to be rightfully paid for sharing custody of their daughter Dream on a partial basis.

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