RM Of BTS Releases New Track ‘Seoul’ Off His ‘Mono’ Mixtape & Fans Are Losing It On Twitter

BTS’ RM has released his brand new solo mixtape, ‘Mono,’ and track No. 2 has fans flat out freaking out. See why!

Mono is here! BTS superstar RM surprised fans with a solo mixtape announcement this week, and when the 7-song collection dropped on Oct 22, fans were stunned. One track, “Seoul,” was the SAME track RM teased on Twitter months ago, that fans having been praying to see more of! Now that the full song has finally found the light of day, fans simply cannot get over the emotional track in its entirety. “SEOUL IS THE SONG THAT HE TEASED US MONTHS AGO. PLEASE IVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SINCE MONNNNNTTTTHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSS,” one fan said on Twitter. GUYS,,,, SEOUL IS SO F–KING,,,, BEAUTIFUL WHAT THE HELL I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN BUT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING I’M ALREADY IN LOVE WITH IT, NAMJOON DID IT AGAIN,” another wrote.

“Seoul” isn’t the only thing that has BTS fans freaking out. The impressive mixtape has 6 other songs, and fans are loving all of them! “Where is my “cant choose a fav song cuz all are too good” squad at????” one said on Twitter. Although some fans couldn’t pick out a favorite, “Seoul” definitely seemed to be a standout overall. In fact, all the buzz on Twitter has RM trending across Twitter with multiple hashtags! “NAMJOON FINALLY PUT THIS SONG ON #MONO AS ‘SEOUL’! PLEASE MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE #MONOISHERE” yet another wrote.

Don’t worry though – BTS is still churning out music as a group, and are guaranteed to be around for a long time. The K-pop group just renewed their contracts with Big Hit Entertainment, for another seven years! The group issued a statement expressing their goals from now until 2026. “We respect our mentor, producer [and Big Hit founder] Bang Si-Hyuk who has continued to show us a vision for our future from even before debut and have helped us form our perspective of the world and music,” the OCt. 17 statement to Billboard read. “With Big Hit Entertainment’s support, we’ll continue to strive to give our best for fans all around the world.” Big Hit Entertainment also explained why it offered such a long contract period!

Congrats to RM on a fantastic solo album, and cheers to the group on their newly signed contract. We’re so happy to see that this group will be around for years to come!

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