Richard Hammond says he’d ‘barely recovered’ from crash when he returned to Top Gear

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Richard Hammond 50, has admitted that he had “barely recovered” when he returned to film more episodes of Top Gear, following a significant brain injury from a collision in September 2006 while filming the programme. Less than six months later the TV host made a triumphant return to the BBC show with his brain still “scrambled” from the accident.

I was a little bit scrambled

Richard Hammond

He spoke openly about his mental state following the accident in an interview for YouTube channel DriveTribe alongside Evo magazine owner and close friend Harry Metcalfe.

Of originally wanting to buy a red Ferrari Maranello back in 2006 from Harry, Richard said: “He offered it to me and I was still a bit skewed up top.”

Harry interjected: “It wasn’t that big a crash!”

Richard jokingly played along: “I just made a fuss!”

The Grand Tour host detailed how his brain felt mixed up and his wife Mindy Hammond wanted something to cheer him up after his hospital ordeal and return to the show that made him a household name.

Richard continued: “So I was a little bit scrambled, but my wife had stayed with the idea and had been talking to Harry because we all know each other anyway.

“I was filming in the North Pole, which I shouldn’t have been doing because I was still barely bl**dy recovered. 

“I was still mad as a bag of snakes. I wasn’t really fixed by any means. But while I had been away Mindy had spoken to Harry and arranged to buy it,” he added.

However, it was not long that Richard owned the vehicle before he was forced to sell it, which he still “regrets”.

The motor expert owned the car for only a few years before it was sold off following a pricey house move.

Richard and his family had previously been living in the countryside while he commuted daily to London for filming episodes of Top Gear.

At the time Richard owned six cars, when he decided to move nearer to work in London, however upon relocating he felt that the family didn’t “fit in” so decided to move back to the countryside.

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This decision cost him his beloved 1998 Ferrari, as the landlord of the metropolitan property wanted him to pay six months upfront for breaking his tenancy agreement.

Therefore Richard was forced to sell his beloved car to cover the immediate payment required.

Richard and Mindy married back in 2002 and the couple have two daughters together named Isabella and Willow.

The couple now resides in an incredible fake castle in Herefordshire but also have an apartment in London as well as a villa in Saint Tropez. 

In the YouTube chat, Richard was reunited with his former prized sports car in a nostalgic clip.

When asked what was the memory which stuck out the most when looking at the vehicle, he responded: “Sadly I can’t help it, it’s the day I had to get rid of it. I’ll explain that in a bit.”

Harry also added his strongest memory of the car, he said: “Mine was actually when I first bought it, I just pinched myself.”

Richard interjected: “That feeling when you walk back to it and go, is that really mine?”

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