Reggae Artist Bounty Killer Accused of Raping and Impregnating a Teen

Dropping the shocking allegation is another Jamaican musician, Mr. Vegas, who blasts the system for enabling a pedophile and not helping the young girl to get justice.

AceShowbizBounty Killer could be the next R. Kelly. The Jamaican reggae artist has been accused of a disgraceful act as he allegedly raped and made a girl pregnant when she was 14 years old while he was in his early twenties.

Dropping the serious allegation is another Jamaican musician, Mr. Vegas. On Thursday, October 7, he took to his Instagram page to post a picture of the alleged birth certificate of Bounty’s supposed baby girl with the unnamed teen.

In the redacted birth certificate, the baby’s date of birth is listed as December 18, 1993, when the mother was just 14 years old and the father, who is written as Bounty’s legal name Rodney Basil Price, was 21 years old. Seemingly confirming that it’s the artist that public know, the father’s profession is mentioned as entertainer.

In the caption titled “Pedophilia Most Foul”, Mr. Vegas appeared to share what sounded like the reaction of a person who defended Bounty despite his alleged criminal behavior. ” ‘Look how long this happen. Weh him gone dig up this fah?’ ” read the caption. ” ‘My madda (have) mi when shi a 14 suh a nuh nutten this. The whole a dem a dweet.’ “

The excuse went on, ” ‘After a never rape him rape har. This is not pedophilia. The general not even ago answer him. Him badmind. Mi tired a him now. Look like a the general ‘gaygas’ ketch wid him woman A same suh him tek set pon handsome. Smaddy soon fix him. This too shall pass. Lord cover Rodney Price. He who has no sins cast the first stone. Only God can Judge. Usher him out!’ “

Mr. Vegas also posted a video in which he slammed the system for enabling a pedophile and not helping the victim to get justice. He additionally questioned what the male celebrity has done to help ensure the future of his young baby mama.

Bounty has not responded to the rape allegation.

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