Rapper Juice WRLD Clowns Houston Cop Busted for Taking Booty Pic

That cop who got busted taking a photo of a woman’s ass wasn’t serving or protecting anybody … and Juice WRLD‘s not afraid to clown him for it.

The Chicago rapper — who’s blowing up right now for his track “Lucid Dreams” — has words for the Houston cop who got caught taking a booty pic while working the Drake and Migos concert last week … don’t perv out on the clock, bro!

Juice also wonders how many officers are using body cameras to secretly record women for their personal collections, which we have to admit … we never thought of before.

But, then a guy in the rapper’s crew drops the line of the day — it might as well become the new “To Protect and To Serve.”

As we reported … Houston PD has taken action against the officer for his creepy behavior by launching an internal investigation.

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