Queen Elizabeth’s BFF Angela Kelly moved into Windsor Castle to help the Queen

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Thursday was the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to make an appearance, and the photographers had set up in their positions and everything was a go… until it wasn’t. The Queen’s aides canceled at the last minute, then they were told that the Queen visited her horses privately that day. Then Friday, the Queen made a “surprise” appearance at the horse show. She sat in the car for a bit, then she reportedly got of the SUV, used her cane and “moved slowly” to an elevator platform, then she was able to walk to her seat in the stands. She sat in between Penny Mountbatten (Philip’s special friend) and Prince Edward.

So… are we surprised? I was surprised. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised though. The Queen’s horses are the one thing which will get her out of the castle. Her horses are her greatest joy. Still, I didn’t think she would be able to manage even this cautious, carefully stage-managed public appearance. Notice that there are barely any photos of the Queen walking with a cane, or walking to and from the car. The papers and photographers gave her a wide berth with the understanding that they could photograph her freely in her seat and in her car.

Speaking of the Queen’s mobility issues, it seems that her BFF has now moved in with her. That’s right, Angela Kelly has moved into Windsor Castle.

The Queen has moved her “best friend” Angela Kelly into Windsor Castle apartments as she grapples with her mobility issues. Angela, 69, who has been Her Majesty’s dresser and closest aide for 28 years, is staying in a suite next to her private quarters. The Queen is struggling to walk far and is refusing to use a wheelchair at home.

Angela first moved in during the Covid lockdown as part of the HMS Bubble team and helped Her Majesty with day-to-day care. A source told The Sun: “She lives there now. She has moved in.” Angela is said to have a 42in telly in her rooms.

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If you ask me, AK and QEII have had a close, intimate relationship for decades. I’m not saying it’s sexual, but I completely believe that AK has thoroughly wormed her way into the Queen’s private confidence and AK is one of the most important voices (if not the most important voice) in the Queen’s circle. I think AK’s presence is also what Prince Harry referenced when he spoke about the Queen needing “the right people” around her.

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