Pierce Brosnan’s sons on nepotism: ‘It’s always gonna be there & we got to recognize it’


Dylan and Paris Brosnan attended the GQ Man of the Year party with their dad Pierce Brosnan and mom Keely Shaye Smith. Dylan is a musician and Paris is an artist, plus both have done modeling work. Dylan and Paris were recently featured in People’s SMA issue in their Sexiest Man Gen Next section, which just kind of highlighted the up-and-coming nepotism babies to keep an eye on. In their video for the shoot, both young men come across sweet and shockingly unpretentious. They clearly respect and adore their parents. So it’s not surprising that when they were asked at the GQ party about the nepotism discussion, they gave a fairly decent answer. Paris recognized they are always going to have to answer the nepotism question and instead of arguing against it, it’s best to simply acknowledge it and be grateful.

The name’s Brosnan… Dylan and Paris Brosnan.

On Nov. 17, the brothers, who are the sons of James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and journalist Keely Shaye Smith, accompanied their parents for a glamorous night out at GQ’s Man of the Year party to celebrate their recent profile with dad in the magazine. Having grown up with an easily recognizable surname, Dylan and Paris weren’t afraid to share their thoughts on the discussion of nepotism when it comes to Hollywood kids.

“I think we need to just be grateful for our blessings,” Paris, 21, told E! News in an exclusive red carpet interview, with his brother noting that he was going to say “the exact same thing” about how they’re “very lucky” to be in the position they’re in.

Paris continued, “It’s always gonna be there and we got to recognize it. At the end of the day, we’re just grateful to be here.”

And while the Brosnan name may open some doors, Paris said he and Dylan, 25, are trying to “pave our own way.”

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Like I said, I feel like Paris’ answer is a good approach to this question. He’s right, he will never escape the nepotism umbrella. But there is a big difference between what Rob Reiner did with his famous last name and what Brooklyn Beckham did with his (so far). And yet, I’m willing to bet that Rob would tell you he got where he is because of his dad long before Brooklyn would. I don’t care if a kid wants to follow a parent into fame, but it bugs me when they pretend didn’t have a leg up.

To be fair, I think if you feel like you’re working really hard and everyone still says you got where you are because of your parent, it would be frustrating. I also think those are the breaks. If four out of five doors are opened for you while others had to open them themselves you will inevitably get asked about your parents. It’s like success tax. And as Paris said, if you pave your own way, eventually they’ll start asking if your parent is proud of you and not if you got there because of your parent.

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