Patriots' Jakobi Meyers Says He Was 'Trying To Be The Hero' On Lateral Play

Jakobi Meyers

“I was trying to be a hero, I guess.”

That’s Jakobi Meyers explaining his actions on the final play of the Patriots game Sunday — that turned into one of the most shocking endings in NFL history.

ICYMI, the Patriots and the Las Vegas Raiders were tied, three seconds away from overtime … when New England decided to run a draw play instead of taking a knee.

Pats’ RB Rhamondre Stevenson lateralled the ball to Meyers, who shockingly attempted to throw a long lateral back to Mac Jones … but was intercepted by Raiders’ Chandler Jones, who proceeded to run over Mac, on the way to a 48-yard game-winning touchdown.

After the game, Meyers — who signed with Pats in 2019 — did his best to explain his head-scratching move.

“Just trying to do too much,” the 26-year-old said about his part in the final play, “Trying to be a hero, I guess.”

“I ain’t see dude back there, tried throwing the ball. Like I said, I just was doing too much. I should’ve went down with the ball.”

Meyers flatly said the lateral wasn’t part of the plan (plan was to run the ball and get to OT) … but he (believed he) saw Mac open.

“I didn’t see Chandler Jones at the time,” Meyers said.

“Thought [Mac Jones] was open, tried to give it to him and let him try and make a play with it. But the score was tied, so like I’ve said, I should’ve went down.”

The WR says he’ll learn from this costly mistake and do better from here on out.

FWIW, respect to Meyers for standing there and answering questions after the worst football moment of his career.

The Patriots are still in the playoff hunt — thanks to some other bubble teams losing — but the loss didn’t help, and neither will the Cincinnati Bengals coming into town Saturday.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Patriots have lost in seemingly impossible ways. The “Miracle in Miami” happened 4 years ago this December.

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