Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo Share Hopeful New Ballad ‘Together’

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo have shared a new ballad, titled “Together.”

The video, premiered via Billboard, features footage of hospital workers and people celebrating their achievements from a distance. It also contains clips of family and friends together in better times, and an appearance by Bentar and Giraldo as well, with their masks in place.

The couple, staying in isolation at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, recorded the tune in their home studio. The song is about how staying apart now will help in staying together in the future.

“Being apart is so very hard/it hurts my soul/it hurts my heart,” sings Benatar before concluding, “We’ll be ok/we’ll see this through/we’ll find a way, we always do/but you know it’s the right thing and distance will keep us together.”

“In challenging times, it sometimes helps to seek out beauty and hope and positivity. Making music leads us down that path,” Billboard quoted the couple as saying. “We wrote this because we are all hurting, struggling, grieving. We hope in some small way, that this lifts sprits and heals hearts. Wishing everyone blessings, strength and love.”

Benatar and Giraldo had signed up with CAA in October for a spring/winter tour. The tour has been put on hold now.

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