Open Post: Hosted By Debra Messing Choosing If She'd Rather Be In An Elevator With Susan Sarandon Or Trump

Andy Cohen had Debra Messing and Molly Shannon on his Watch What Happens Live last night, and as usual he got them to talk a little shit. As everyone with a Team Debra or Team Susan or Team No One shirt knows, Debra and  Susan Sarandon got involved in a political tussle during the last election. Debra back Hillary Clinton and Susan backed Bernie Sanders and later Jill Stein. Susan also dribbled out a stream of dumb about how Trump being president isn’t such an awful thing. Last year when Andy had Susan on his show, he decided to help needle the growing tensions along and create an official FEUD. Well, since Debra and Susan had been slapping at each other in the press and online as recent as last month, it’s no wonder Andy decided to stir that shit once more.

Andy gave a caller an opportunity to shit talk, and they asked Debra who she would rather be stuck on an elevator with: her arch-nemesis in politics and red-headedness, Susan, or the orange devil himself, Donald Trump. After making the sourest face this side of a Cherry Blaster, Debra replied:

“…I think Trump.”

She then kind of blithers about how she may be able to make some changes and appeal to Trump were she stuck in a room with him, but I think we all know the motivation here is pure sassy hatred.

And lets be real: if Susan Sarandon and Debra Messing got caught on an elevator together tensions would rise so high only one would make it off. But honestly I think it’s a toss up who would win the smackdown. Susan has gotten arrested and shit before for her political passions, so that’s something. But Debra? Debra Messing fucked with E! while talking to E! live on E!. To incur Ryan Seacrest‘s wrath so freely? That’s some big-dick-energy my friend.

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