NutriBullet Sued After Woman Claims It Exploded, Severely Burned Her

A woman claims she can’t wear short sleeves anymore because her NutriBullet machine exploded and burned the skin off her arm … and she says she has the graphic images of her injuries to prove it.

Gail Mitchell filed legal docs claiming she barely used NutriBullet’s Original 24 oz. Single Speed Black Jar Blender for 60 seconds when the machine exploded … sending the scalding hot contents onto her body, causing painful burning to her chest, arms, scalp, and face.

The photos of her alleged injuries look pretty gnarly … Gail’s arms are covered in burn wounds and her skin is now super scarred. She also claims the explosion left her kitchen a mess too.

nutribullet explosion

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Mitchell says the incident happened in November 2020 when she was whipping up a smoothie using turmeric, ginger, water, mango and split peas.

Mitchell says she was standing in front of her NutriBullet, looking for a cup to pour her smoothie into when the machine exploded less than 1 minute after she fired it up.

In the docs, Mitchell says the blender explosion made the contents of the smoothie scalding hot, leaving her with 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree burns … and she says she had to go to a burn center every week for a month for treatments.


She claims the device’s design can cause contents in the blender to become heated to dangerous temperatures. She says the high-speed motor operating the blades creates heat that is transferred into the canister and its contents, sometimes heating the contents to dangerous temps. She also says the rapidly spinning blades create friction, creating heat that is also transferred to the contents of the canister, sometimes heating the contents to dangerous temps as well.

Mitchell says her burns, particularly the 3rd-degree burns on her arm, developed scars … and she says she’s already undergone three expensive laser surgeries costing $25K each and has a fourth coming up.

NutriBullet Sued After Woman Claims It Exploded, Burned and Sliced Her

NutriBullet Sued After Woman Claims It Exploded, Burned and Sliced Her

As a result of the scarring, Mitchell says she will never be able to wear short sleeves again … and she says the injuries also make it tough to sleep.

She says the incident left her depressed, anxious and traumatized … and now she’s suing Nutribullet for her medical bills, lost earnings, and more … and she wants punitive damages because she says the company knew about the risks and still failed to adequately warn customers.

We’ve reached out to NutriBullet, so far no word back.

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