Noah Schnapp apologizes to Doja Cat for leaking her DMs

Last week, Doja Cat mired herself in controversy by publicly bashing 17-year-old Noah Schnapp for leaking DMs in which she asked him to hook her up with his costar. It was rude and immature of Noah to post her DMs, but it was even more rude and immature for 26-year-old Doja to make a huffy live video slamming a teenager. Going by her Twitter moves (strategic likes and name changes) Doja seems to have dug in her heels and it doesn’t appear she’s apologized. But apparently Noah has? On his TikTok, in response to some fan comments he noted that he apologized to Doja privately and they’re all good.

In a now-deleted TikTok, the teen star shared a screenshot of his conversation with Doja. But the following day, she put him on blast in a livestream with her fans.

She claimed that Noah’s actions were “degrading” and “exploitative” as she questioned his motives for sharing it.

“Maybe he is, like, a whole snake. But I didn’t see him that way,” Doja said. “I made an assumption that he was gonna be chill about it, and he went and shared information that I didn’t feel comfortable with him sharing.”

“There’s just something very weird. It’s very degrading and exploitative behavior,” she went on. “And it’s embarrassing. It’s, like, super embarrassing.”

Doja then said that Noah’s behavior wasn’t “normal” as she admitted that she hadn’t told him not to share a screenshot of the chat because she didn’t expect that to be something he’d do. “You don’t expect people to do that because it’s not normal to do that,” she said. “It’s literally not cool and it’s not normal.”

“It feels like a weird power play thing,” Doja concluded.

While people sympathized with Doja for her messages being exposed without her consent, many felt that she was too harsh on Noah considering he is only a child.

But Doja appeared to double down on her stance on Twitter, where she liked a tweet in her support amid the backlash. “No one was mad at you for DMing him when he posted, they were all laughing!” the tweet read. “But the second you express your concern it’s, ‘Why was she DMing a 17-year-old?’ Like they need to be serious.”

Doja herself tweeted an apparent jibe at the critics, writing: “Y’all are so cringe and lame and nobody wants to hang w u that’s why y’all be on here unironically writing replies to shit that makes you mad.”

She also changed her username on the social media app to “im better than you.”

But Noah has now revealed that his and Doja’s run-in is water under the bridge, insisting that there are “no hard feelings” between them after he privately apologized for sharing the screenshot.

In fact, the actor went so far as to use one of Doja’s songs in his latest TikTok video, which simply showed him doing math equations via a filter in a car.

His followers couldn’t believe that he’d used “Kiss Me More” by Doja as the upload’s audio, with one commenting: “NOT YOU USING A DOJA SONG 😭 #icon”

Another wrote: “THE SONG NOAH ILY😂” And a third said: “LOLOL DOJA SONG.”

Upon seeing the reaction, Noah decided to set the record straight. He commented: “Guys everything is all good I apologized and I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings ❤️❤️”

But while Noah and Doja may have been able to make amends, the incident has had long-term repercussions on their online profiles.

In fact, social media analytics company Social Blade revealed that Doja lost 200,000 followers on Instagram after she called Noah out. Meanwhile, Noah’s following has increased by 920,000 accounts.

Doja has not publicly reacted to Noah’s most recent TikTok, and Joe is still yet to acknowledge the entire thing.

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So I’m not one of those Never Apologize people, but I definitely don’t think he needed to apologize here, especially after she made that video bashing him. It’s extremely lame to call a teenager names and she also ascribed nefarious intentions to what was actually just an obnoxious and immature action. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t trying to degrade or exploit or power play her. He was just acting like a dumb kid. And his behavior wasn’t abnormal either — people far older than him screenshot and share crap they shouldn’t all the time. But it definitely was embarrassing, I’ll give Doja that. But for her more so than him. She should apologize, but she probably won’t. I get why he did, even though he didn’t have to — it also has the bonus of making him look like the bigger person and come off better than her. He also gained 900K Instagram followers, she lost 200K, and there’s been nary a peep from Joe Quinn. Well played, Noah; poorly handled, Doja.

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