‘No chance’ Alex Murphy admits being sceptical of Joe Swash partnership on Dancing On Ice

Alex Murphy shows off her ice skating skills in montage

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Alex Murphy, 32, has revealed to Express.co.uk that she felt apprehensive about her chances of winning Dancing On Ice’s 2020 series after being partnered up with Joe Swash, as her original partner for the show, Michael Barrymore, was forced to drop out after an injury. The skating professional eventually soared to victory on the show and admitted it was completely “unexpected “ as she had endured her “hardest season” of the competition yet.

Speaking of winning the show a year ago, Alex said: “Oh my god, it’s the best feeling on the planet, I think because it was so unexpected. 

“Knowing that we worked, we literally worked our butts off that season. And I had the hardest season to partner with Michael Barrymore and then to have to be out of the show. 

“Then to get back in the show with Joe, and he was in last place, and there was no chance of him winning, and then all of a sudden for it to happen…

“It was a very surreal experience. It was incredible. I mean, it was the best way to have ever, you know, ended that show for me. It’s just amazing, honestly,” she added.

The American skater replaced injured pro skater Alex Schauman and partnered with Joe after Michael was forced to pull out of the show after breaking his hand in training.

Alex, who grew up near Boston in the city of North-Woburn, was axed from the show in June 2020 – just months after she won the competition.

It is not clear why Alex was axed – and she seems to feel the same way, saying the news was a “huge shock”.

Writing on Instagram, she said: “It is with a heavy heart that I release the following statement:

“For the last three years, Dancing On Ice has not only been my job, but also what I considered to be my family.

“I am broken-hearted to announce that I have recently been informed that I will not be re-contracted for Dancing On Ice’s 2021 series.”

An ITV spokesperson said: “Alex Murphy will not be appearing in the next series and we wish her all the best for the future… Each series the Dancing On Ice team looks at our existing lineup and explores opportunities to potentially introduce some new faces to the skating professional team.

She had previously appeared in the Dutch version of DOI, alongside Disney on Ice productions and travelling the world as a cruise ship performer.

It was during a 2012 cruise that Alex suffered a stroke as the ship sailed near the Canary Islands.

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She spent a week in a hospital in Tenerife, and then a week in a hospital in Miami.

Alex said of the terrifying ordeal: “They couldn’t find out just what it was in the Canary Islands after a week.

“I had a headache for a few days but figured it would go away. It didn’t. Then I collapsed on the ship.

“It was a long one for me. It all lasted about 15 minutes but it seemed a lot longer.”

It turned out that she had a hole in her heart, which was repaired with keyhole surgery.

Speaking on how she felt after the surgery, Alex said: “I woke up unable to talk and unable to move my right side.  

“I couldn’t read or write and had zero forms of communication with anyone. I was only able to cry. “

However, the star is now healthy and thriving as she pursues her passion for presenting and recently won an award at the Social Media Awards.

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