Nikki Bella now refuses to discuss John Cena

Nikki Bella is keeping quiet when it comes to her ex John Cena … because she may face legal repercussions if she doesn’t.

“We’re both at the point that we just don’t want to be talked about at all together anymore,” Bella, 34, told Cosmopolitan. “We don’t want our breakup to define us or interfere with our work. And that was happening for a while.”

Intriguingly, she added that she “can’t say his name, legally, anymore,” referring to him only as “my ex.”

It’s unclear whether Bella was serious — a rep for the brawny beauty didn’t immediately return a request for comment — but it wouldn’t be the first time her ex put a lot of thought into a written agreement, having previously drafted a 75-page contract before they began living together.

The pair, who got engaged on live TV at WrestleMania in April 2017, called off their wedding a year later — just weeks before they were set to walk down the aisle.

Cena, 41, made several very public efforts to win Bella back after the split, including a cringe-inducing “Today” show appeal for her heart.

In part because of Cena’s highly publicized attempts to rekindle the flame, it was speculated that he and Bella faked their relationship and split for ratings.

“When everyone was saying what I was going through was fake for ratings and all that, and when you’re really going through it, it’s like, you’re just — in my heartache you’re literally just knifing it and just churning it,” she lamented. “Going through all that, I don’t ever want to do it again. It scares me to ever have another public relationship.”

“I don’t want my relationship to define who I am, as a woman and to take away all the hard work that I’ve ever done in my career,” she explained. “I think for a man, it’s different. I feel like, if anything, the woman gets blamed for what happens, for taking away from what they do. But I get all my work taken away because of that. I don’t know, I feel like sometimes there’s a double standard and I really have felt that. And it’s been really, really hard.”

As for why the couple called it quits, while it was originally reported that they disagreed about having kids, Bella says there was more to it than that (which makes sense when you consider they broke up for good even after Cena offered to reverse his vasectomy for her).

She’s currently working with a life coach and says she needed to learn to love herself before she can pursue a relationship, though she’s currently dating around.

“I lost [my self-love] for so many years. That was all my fault. I’m the one who forgot about me,” she said. “I have realized now to truly have a happy life, you have to give yourself so much love first and work on you in any way you can.”

Bella Twins talk Nikki's breakup with John Cena

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