Nicki Minaj Not Expecting Any Tension With Cardi B At People’s Choice Awards

The popular rapper is so focused on slaying with her performance that she doesn’t have time to worry about any drama.

Nicki Minaj is ready to bring it to the People’s Choice Awards November 11, and the event is likely to start out with a bang, as the hip-hop star is scheduled to open the show by singing a song from her recent album “Queen.” A source that’s close to her told Hollywood Life that the artist says she’s ready to “rap her heart and soul out.”

There’s no doubt in fan’s minds that the Trinidad-born artist will absolutely kill it on stage, but there’s also speculation that there might be tension between her and Cardi B at the PCA’s. However, the HL source said that Minaj dismissed the notion and “couldn’t care less” when she found out that Cardi B would be skipping the event.

The source added that Sunday night’s show will see the hip-hop star focusing on her performance and the opening of her show, and that she is not expecting any tension with Cardi B to interfere with anything.

According to HL, Nicki invited friends to witness her slay it at the People’s Choice Awards. Their source told them,

She invited a lot of people in her inner circle to come and support her and she’s really excited to get on the stage and perform and celebrate with her friends that night.

There’s been a long-running feud between the “Barbie Dreams” rapper and Cardi B after a public brawl broke out between them at New York Fashion Week. There was additionally some back and forth sniping that went on between them on social media that lasted for some time.

Inquisitr reported at the end of October that the two ladies wanted to move on and had most likely settled their feud.

At the time, Nicki Minaj posted on Twitter that she didn’t want to discuss the “nonsense anymore” and that she wanted to turn her and her fan’s attention to more positive stuff. Cardi B signaled that she wanted to end the beef by reposting Nicki Minaj’s tweet on Instagram the same day.

According to Hollywood Life, there is some drama surrounding Quavo and Nicki Minaj, and he got the rumor mill working overtime when he gave fans the impression he had a romantic relationship with the “Anaconda” singer through his rap song “Huncho Dreams.”

A source told Hollywood Life that the fling didn’t happen and that Nicki Minaj just hung out with the rapper to make Cardi B furious.

The HL source said,

Nicki doesn’t want to settle for someone who isn’t as successful as her, and she knows Quavo and a lot of these rappers are in record deals that will eventually leave them broke. She is too smart and knows better than to mess with Quavo.

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