Nick Mara Announces Exit From PRETTYMUCH – Read Their Statements

PRETTYMUCH is losing a band member!

The band shared a new statement announcing that Nick Mara will be leaving the group after six years.

“We’ve had some very difficult conversations as a band over the past month that is in no way easy for us to inform you about, but necessary,” the wrote in a statement. “Nick Mara is formally leaving the band.”

Click inside to read the full statement, and Nick’s statement…

“Its a brotherhood at the end of the day! We love our brothers and we love you all for sticking by us and understanding ♥️ and to Nick, thank you for being the best brother anyone could ask for. The last 6 years would be nothing without you! We promise to never let you down ♥️ We rocking PRETTY!” PRETTYMUCH captioned a post on Instagram.

On his own account, Nick wrote, “These guys will always be my brothers and I can’t thank them enough for helping me grow throughout these past 6 years. They have helped me through the good times the bad and all in between. And to you fans, friends, and family, thank you for always showing so much support and love! Im excited for my new journey and I am also excited for the future of PRETTYMUCH! Don’t count these guys out hahaha because with or without me we created something special. We all are meant for greatness. ❤️❤️❤️”

The guys are releasing a new podcast, and they will be dedicating the first episode to explain their new transition in full “along with all the other updates on what’s been going on the past two years as a band.”

If you didn’t know, PRETTYMUCH was formed in 2016 by Simon Cowell, and subsequently signed to his Syco Music record label.

Read PRETTYMUCH and Nick Mara’s statements in full below…

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