Nadia Sawalha on ‘staged’ Meghan and Harry doc and Brits’ real issue

Harry and Meghan: What we've learned from documentary so far

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Nadia Sawalha, 58, and her husband Mark Adderley, 52, took to their YouTube channel to share a live reaction of the first episode of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan.

Nadia began by laughing that Meghan continues to say that she did not Google Prince Harry before meeting him.

The Loose Women panellist chuckled: “First of all, why doesn’t Meghan just admit that she did Google Prince Harry? Is there a single person in the world that was dating a prince or a princess that wouldn’t Google?

“I thought that was quite a sweet moment that she is still saying that she didn’t Google him once she was going out with him.”

Nadia then went on to say that she has “always adored” Prince Harry and “felt no differently” after watching the first episode. 

She described: “It wasn’t a sob story and it wasn’t vicious and they seem a perfectly very happy couple.”

The actress then explained that she thinks she has “put [her] finger on” why some people are not a fan of the Duchess of Sussex.

She continued: “Putting to one side the racists, of which there are many in every part of the world, I think a lot of people don’t take to Meghan because of her Americanism. 

“Now when I say that, for any of our American followers, I love the Americanism and that politeness, but a lot of Brits really find it difficult – that sugary, sweet way of talking. 

“It’s just alien to the Brits and we saw that in full swing in this documentary.”

Later in her live reaction alongside her husband, Mark said: “They have frontloaded this with Harry’s story so all the sympathy is going to be with Harry. Whatever [Meghan] says about her story will never compare to Harry’s origin story.”

Nadia then jumped in and expanded: “But we are looking at her story vicariously through his fear and the loss of his mother. It is very well told, very well told his problem with the media. I believe most people feel sorry for him.”

Nevertheless, Nadia commented that she “didn’t like the beginning” because she felt it was “staged” and “cringe”. 


She explained: “I didn’t like the beginning, from either of them, their video diaries. It felt staged, they felt uncomfortable with it they said, ‘Ooh, a friend of ours told us we should do [the documentary]’.

“If I had been an exec on that I would of cut those out because I think it lost us a bit at the beginning. It just felt a bit inauthentic. But everything afterwards, the interviews, felt very authentic, but the first bit was cringe.”

Harry & Meghan is available to watch on Netflix. 

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