Missi Pyle Wears Three Hats at Once During a Scooter Ride

Missi Pyle had an interesting fashion choice while stepping out for some fresh air!

The 47-year-old actress was seen wearing three hats at once while going for a scooter ride around the neighborhood on Monday (October 5) in Los Angeles.

Missi is best known for her work in movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Galaxy Quest, The Artist, Gone Girl, and Dodgeball. She most recently appeared in season two of Dirty John.

In an Instagram past last month, Missi reflected on some “deep quarantine thoughts.”

“cheers to month 6. Also I think ultimately what people want is to be able to live a life where they can follow their dreams. And maybe we all need to grow a little more tolerant of other people’s dreams. This is a great country. And I’m worried we might implode if we don’t try to find what unites us, and focus more on that than what divides us,” she said.

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