Mick Jagger made Jo Wood ‘feel so uncomfortable’ for taking pictures as she shares regrets

Jo Wood: Keith Richards asked me to take Ronnie Wood back

Jo Wood, 65, has claimed that her ex-husband Ronnie Wood’s bandmate Mick Jagger, 77, made her feel “uncomfortable” when she tried to document her time with The Rolling Stones by taking pictures. Jo shared her regrets about her experience touring with the group while speaking on the new series of The Hot Mess Mums Club podcast, hosted by Jenny Powell and Kelly Pegg.

Ronnie, 73, and Jo also took their children, Leah, 42, and Tyrone, 37, and her son Jamie, 46, from a previous marriage, around the world during their travels with the band. 

The former couple later split in 2011 after being married for 26 years.

Recalling her time with the iconic group, the model said she wished she had taken more photos on tour when Ronnie bought her a camera at the time.

She said: “Ronnie bought me my first Polaroid when we moved to LA then he bought me my first camera in the 80s. 

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“I actually wish I had taken more pictures, because there were so many times, I wish I had taken more pictures of Mick, but he always made me feel so uncomfortable when I got my camera out…”

The podcast’s host Jenny, who was in a three-year relationship with Take That star Jason Orange, empathised with Jo’s regrets.

She explained: “I used to feel like that with Gary Barlow.”

Fortunately, Jo said Mick and Ronnie’s fellow Rolling Stones bandmate Keith Richards “made up for” her lack of photos of Mick.


Mum-of-three Jo continued: “So, I wish I had but mind you, Keith made up for that because, he would pose or anything, he was great, great guy.”

Express.co.uk has contacted representatives for Mick for comment.

Jo went on to reveal her children “learned so much from travelling” with The Rolling Stones.

She said: “We weren’t allowed to bring the kids on tour, maybe because they were too young, and then in ’89 I missed my kids so much on the first leg of the tour and I said to Ronnie, ‘come on, it’s a kids’ holiday, let’s take the kids to Japan… 

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“Then after that all the kids started coming out, only in school holidays, but it was lovely because they learnt so much from travelling around the world, and learning about other cultures and it was great.”

Jo went on to reveal she was previously put on steroids after being misdiagnosed with a serious illness.

On changing her party lifestyle, the television personality divulged: “I am a true believer in what you put in and on your body, is so very important, especially in this age where we have all these viruses. 

“I really believe in eating fresh, non-genetically modified foods, eating organic, then it keeps your brain healthy, keeps you feeling good.”

She added: “What really made me turn away from the party lifestyles was, we were in Ireland, and I got ill and thought I had gotten food poisoning, and I went to see the doctor and went back to London and saw loads of doctors. 

“They then misdiagnosed me with Crohn’s disease, and had put me on steroids, and I had this article come out in the paper that said, ‘STONES WIFE WITH INCURABLE DISEASE’.

“I got hundreds of letters, and I sat on the floor and I sat there and went through them and loads of people were telling me about their Crohn’s disease.

“Then one letter said, ‘I will put your Crohn’s disease into remission for life, if you come and see me and follow my diet and take my herbs’, so I got in my car, I drove to Hastings, his front door said ‘Shangri-La’ on it.

“I walked in, and there was this old boy called Gerald Green and he was a herbalist. And he asked, ‘what do you eat’ so I said, me and my sister love lean cuisine and I get McDonalds for the kids on a Friday and I do this and I do that. 

“So, he told me about the food I was putting in my body, and in that afternoon at his house he changed the way I thought about food forever. So, I started weening myself off the steroids and using his diet over 4 months, and I felt better and better.”

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