Mercedes Javid and Tommy Feight: Married!!

So soon after Shahs of Sunset fans celebrated the news of former star Lilly Ghalichi’s pregnancy, there’s different wonderful news about Mercedes Javid.

Her relationship with longtime boyfriend Tommy Feight has had its ups and downs.

Now, however, the two have officially married!

Us Weekly reports that a source confirmed to them that Mercedes Javid and Tommy Feight are married.

The two of them dated for years after meeting each other on Tinder back in 2015.

On Saturday, April 21, the two of them tied the knot in a ceremony at a hotel in West Hollywood.

The ceremony took place on the roof, giving the entire wedding party and the guests a beautiful view of L.A. skyline.

From this report, it sounds like the actual ceremony was a delight.

First of all, among those invited was MJ’s Shahs of Sunset costar, Reza Farahan.

He would stand out in any crowd, but he was part of the wedding party.

Specifically, Reza was MJ’s Man of Honor, a role that’s been growing increasingly popular in recent years as people question gender roles that don’t seem to serve any purpose.

(MJ did also have bridesmaids, however)

Best of all, MJ’s dog played a role in the ceremony, which might be the best thing that we’ve ever heard.

He was the ringbearer.

Mercedes "MJ" Javid

MJ spoke just hours before the ceremony about what is often a stressful and intense day of preparations.

“I’m the most relaxed one in the room!”

But that doesn’t mean that she was completely prepared.

In fact, she admitted that she had not yet written her wedding vows.

“I’m thinking about winging it.”

(If you’re completely horrified by someone not knowing those in advance … I’m right there with you)

The guest list, however, was a no-brainer.

“Every single person invited is someone that is a really important part of my life and Tommy’s as well.”

MJ divulged that she had high hopes that the wedding and ensuing reception would go at a crawl.

Specifically, she wanted things to move “in slow motion because everyone says that it goes by so quickly.”

She wanted to savor her wedding.

MJ was also anticipating “the love that is going to be surrounding us.”

Her relationship with Tommy was rocky at times.

On Season 5, Episode 8 of Shahs of Sunset, the two had a very unpleasant-sounding argument while in the car.

To the point where she began to open her door while the car was moving.

Normally, we’d say that people having an argument like that don’t belong together, despite what romance-heavy TV dramas might tell you.

But it looks like they worked out their various relationship issues well enough over the past couple of years.

Back in October, MJ had dished that she had always longed for a spring wedding (as if that matters in L.A.).

It looks like she got her wish.

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