Meghan Markle Rushed Into Her Royal Role, Wedding Dress Embroiderer Says

The embroiderer who worked on Meghan Markle‘s wedding dress veil is speaking out about the Duchess of Sussex now that she and husband Prince Harry have stepped down as senior royals.

Chloe Savage, who worked on the delicate floral details on the Duchess’s gorgeous train, revealed that she thinks Meghan rushed into her new royal life.

“I think she misjudged the role,” the seamstress shared. “The royal family has broken people before. Kate [Middleton] had plenty of time to adapt and adjust to it. They gave her time, whereas Meghan sort of dived in headfirst.”

She added that royal life “virtually broke Diana; it broke Sarah Ferguson…It has broken people before. I know it’s looser now than it used to be, but even then, I don’t think [Meghan] was prepared for the things she could and couldn’t do, say, and wear.”

Chloe continued, “She could have carved herself an outstanding role, but I think she found the whole thing very difficult. She’s always been able to do as she’s pleased when she’s pleased, and unfortunately, with the royal family, granny rules — quite simply.”

Meghan and Harry stepped back from their royal duties last year and are now living in California with their son, Archie.

One of the couples’ close friends has opened up about how life is for them now.

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