Meghan Markle could ‘replace Kate Middleton in public popularity’ amid new career move

After a mysterious Instagram account emerged last week with the handle @meghan, royal expert Tessa Dunlop believes the Duchess of Sussex's exciting new career move – if successful – could see her supersede the Princess of Wales in the eyes of the public.

Meghan's team confirmed last week that the former Suits actress is currently planning to "re-launch" on social media, warning spectators to "expect an announcement very soon".

Speaking about the difference in the ways that the sisters-in-law will likely use their online accounts, Tessa tells OK!: "With Kate’s social media presence [@princeandprincessofwales], we’re given very choreographed glimpses into her perfect, almost ‘too good to be true’ family.

"With Meghan, on the other hand, we know that she’s been through hell and back. She doesn’t have the insulation of the institution and a large family.

"The late novelist Hilary Mantel once described Kate as a ‘jointed doll on which certain rags are hung’, so it’s really important that Meghan becomes more than that."

This time around Meghan will be doing things entirely on her terms.

Since she and husband Prince Harry, 38, officially stepped down from their royal duties in 2020 – ditching their joint account @sussexroyal – Meghan, 41, has made numerous attempts to regain the favour of the often-critical public.

In their 2020 interview with talk-show host Oprah Winfrey there was a huge backlash when they made accusations about the British monarchy.

There were also reports that the royals were angered by revelations in their Netflix docuseries 'Harry and Meghan', and in June, Meghan’s 'Archetypes' podcast was dropped, less than three years after signing an exclusive $25million deal with Spotify.

But Tessa believes that the global fascination with Meghan’s life, as well as her relatability, will work in her favour as she goes it alone second time around.

"She’s been taking her time with her ‘relaunch’, and I think that’s vital. If this Instagram account channels everything she truly is, it’ll be a huge success," she tells us.

"She’s American and high-end beige. She’s every woman. She doesn’t feel too out of touch, or far removed from a normal woman.

"What would we rather – that she stayed a malingerer in the royal institution whilst taking the Sovereign Grant and complaining about her mental health, or that she was out there paying her taxes and making her own way again, as she always did long before Harry was on the scene?"

Branding experts are already placing bets on how much the mum-of-two could earn too – upwards of $1million per post, apparently, if she follows in the footsteps of fellow A-listers.

"I love the fact she’s gone for a one-name Instagram handle, like Madonna and Beyonce," says Tessa. "Meghan has done that to send out a message: this is how big I am. She is well and truly making her mark once more."

But Tessa warns that – with Harry reportedly planning with King Charles to arrange peace talks and reconcile with his family – Meghan’s attempted social media comeback has to be handled with utmost care.

"There’s a pressure on Meghan to get this right," explains Tessa. "She needs to convince us that this is a sincere career move. Because money is being exchanged, we’ll be more demanding of credibility.

"We’ll want personal insights into Meghan’s life so we don’t just feel as though we’re being marketed to. That’s why the balance is so important – she’ll need to prove that she hasn’t lost her carefree, pre-royal spirit whilst also being careful because of the unique platform she stands on."

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