Megan McKenna wears bandages after piercings cause her earlobes to become infected

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Former TOWIE star Megan McKenna has revealed that her earlobes became infected after getting new piercings earlier in the year.

Posting to her Instagram story, Meghan shared with fans what she was going through as she showed her bandaged up ears.

She started by singing: “'I have infected earlobes, I have infected earlobes from the piercings I literally had done months ago.”

Turning her head to show her bandages, she continued: "You don't even want to see the state of them… I'm thinking of posting a picture but it's not for the faint hearted.”

While Megan seemed worried about her earlobes, she couldn’t contain her excitement for the next episode of Masterchef, on which she was appearing as a contestant.

She said: “But enough about my earlobes I am so excited for tomorrow night's episode of Masterchef.”

Referencing Monday’s episode of the show, she said: “I'm so glad my champagne chicken went down well,” before admitting she didn’t remember much that had happened.

As the next episode of the show nears, Megan said she was “so excited” and told her fans where and when they could watch it on BBC1.

Megan is currently starring alongside Katie Price, Su Pollard, Gavin Esler, Dion Dublin, Kadeena Cox, Nabil Abdulrashid, Rita Simmons, Michelle Collins, Penny Lancaster, Joe Swash, Johannes Radebe, Kem Cetinay, Melissa Johns, Patrick Grant and Munya Chawawa on the current season of Celebrity Masterchef.

Megan had surprised fans when being interviewed by judge Gregg Wallace about her personality.

As Greg told McKenna that he was “impressed” with her attempt at filleting a fish, Megan said: "I like to cook but I'm bad with being under pressure and timings."

Gregg asked about her temperament in the competition, asking: "Do you have a bad reputation for being a bit scary and getting the hump? The reason I ask is because this is going to be pressurised."

Meghan surprised fans with her answer, after having made headlines in the past for her on screen outbursts and meltdowns.

She said: "People think I'm like this crazy person but I'm actually quite a mellow person but obviously, I can stand up for myself so no funny business, yeah."

Fans online were surprised by her response, as one fan quickly asked: “are you sure?”

While another said: "I'm a mellow person – Megan McKenna."

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