Matt Baker apologises to Countryfile viewers after challenge sparks frenzy ‘Sorry to all’

Matt Baker apologises to ‘all dogs’ after Countryfile

On Countryfile last weekend, presenter Matt Baker, 43, told viewers he had been looking for a fun new exercise to take on, using the outdoors. He went on say having a dog is “one of the best personal trainers you can have” as he revealed he was going to try out the sport Canicross.

The exercise is the sport of cross country running with dogs, where the latter leads and you run after them.

Ahead of attempting the exercise, Matt said it would be a challenge for him to keep up with his dog’s pace.

He then bravely took on the task with a fast Hungarian Vizsla dog attached to him.

Matt could be heard shouting, “This is quick” as he tried to keep up with the pooch on their run.

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After the run, the presenter spoke to an expert named Verity about the sport.

He told her: “I felt like I was in the air for most of it.

“It’s strange because you feel like you’re trying to slow down a little because you’re going a lot faster than you would normally.”

Verity went on to offer Matt some tips on how he could keep up his pace.

After getting to grips with the basics, the Countryfile star tried the challenge with his very own nine-year-old Labrador Annie, who took a while to get used to it.

Speaking to another expert, he said he had previously struggled with running on his own.

He explained: “To be honest I’ve struggled with running in the past, so actually to be out with your dog and have a purpose to go and exercise with your dog and to be there together, it’s something I’m actually really looking forward to.”

After completing a lap with his dog, he joked: “I think she’s ready to go and lie back in front of the oven.”

He added: “To be fair it’s very alien for her to be pulling me.”

Further along in the episode, Matt took on the challenge with a dog with more experience.

This time, he was joined by the expert and her pooch for some extra support. 

After the show, the presenter took to his Instagram to share multiple clips of dogs who had got excited while watching the challenge from home.

Dog owners tagged Matt in their posts, which he shared in view of his 241,000 followers.

In one video, a dog could be seen barking up close to the television as the segment aired.

In the final clip which showed a dog getting excited about the challenge, he captioned the post: “Sorry to all dogs watching @BBCCountryfile.”

Countryfile continues tonight at 6pm on BBC One.

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