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While she has numerous times flaunted her curves, Kim Kardashian apparently still has some issues with her body. The mother of three recently updated her Instagram page with a new picture from her KKW Beauty campaign and has been accused of photoshopping.

The photo features the reality TV star posing with a naked male model. Wearing a leotard, she bared her butt and legs, but many noticed that her butt looked unusually smaller and her thigh looked skinnier than ever before.

“kim what happen to your big butt??” her Instagram follower asked about her famous butt in the comment section. “Your butt looks smaller,” another pointed out. “Where’d your butt go?” read another comment.

Similarly, other internet users commented on her skinny legs. “honey be real, ur legs aint long n skinny,” one wrote. Another added, “Natural thighs hang down a little. .and are shapely. The photoshop makes your legs look Gumby.”

A fan additionally slammed Kim for sending a confusing message about body image. “i have been a fan for years and years and years but this is the first time im insanely disappointed with what you are doing. im so sorry but this is wildly dumb,” the fan wrote. “thankfully i am confident in myself, but some girls aren’t, what exactly are u trying to side with here,,,,decide and stick with it so ur fans can understand wtf ur really bout HUN …”

Someone else, meanwhile, sent a positive message to encourage Kim to embrace her body. “Kim stop photoshopping you’re beautiful the way you are! And so many younglings idolize and look up to you, including your own kids, teach them to love themselves,” the said Instagram user wrote.

Kim shared the photo to promote KKW Beauty’s new collection of pigments, Flashing Lights. She previously posted another picture in which she wore a silver leotard and posed with a naked hunk to a new eyeshadow palette from her KKW Beauty collection. She also posed naked with a male model in a promo picture for her new eyeshadow line.

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