Masika Kalysha Faked Kidnapping to Get OnlyFans Tips, Video Slammed by Nonprofit

9:57 AM PT — The founder of the R.O.S.E. Organization that Masika mentioned has spoken out against her video, condemns it for being triggering and makes it clear she had nothing to do with it.

The woman says a lot of people thought she may have partnered with Masika, but that’s not the case, and while she appreciates the sentiment of raising awareness of human trafficking … she won’t be accepting any money Masika may have raised with her stunt.

A former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star might take the cake for one of the most tone-deaf publicity stunts … she faked being beaten and kidnapped to promote her OnlyFans account, but says it was to raise awareness of sex trafficking.

Masika Kalysha posted the video of herself Tuesday in lingerie with apparent cuts, scrapes and bruises all over her body, claiming she got assaulted and was still in danger.

Then, she strangely asked for money to stave off her kidnappers, saying … “They said you guys have to leave me tips and follow me so they can take the money or they’re not gonna let me go.”

In the caption to her video, she flat out claimed she was kidnapped and being held in a warehouse, and asked her followers to subscribe to her OnlyFans account and tip her so her captors would let her go.

She later deleted the video and posted a second one … even more strange than the first.

Kalysha, now wearing a white robe, says she’s totally fine and apologizes for possibly scaring people … but insists she needed that “shock factor” to raise awareness for something important.

The reality star claims she’s on set filming a project about child sex trafficking, and her kidnapping stunt was needed to grab people’s attention for the important matter.

She even goes as far as to say everyone should know there’s a method to her madness, while completely ignoring the insensitivity of her first vid … or addressing how she might have tricked people into sending her money.

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