Mary-Kate Olsen Says She Is "Petrified" Olivier Sarkosy Will Force Her Out of Their Apartment

Mary-Kate Olsen’s divorce from Olivier Sarkozy just got messier—and now it looks like Mary-Kate might be kicked out of her apartment. Apparently, Olivier gave Mary-Kate until May 18 to get all her stuff out of their New York City home, causing her to file a petition for an emergency Summons and Complaint for divorce, which would protect her property until May 30.

Unfortunately, Mary-Kate’s petition was denied and her divorce was deemed unessential, but according to a copy of the affidavit obtained by People, she wrote the following:

Mary-Kate added that she is “gravely concerned that my husband will dissipate, dispose of and/or secret not only my separate property belongings but also our marital property belongings that are in the Gramercy Apartment….My husband is trying to force me out of our home by his failure to renew the lease on the Gramercy Apartment which he terminated without my consent.”

In Mary-Kate’s opinion (and this seems more than fair!) it’s “impossible” for her to move her belongings on such short notice given the current pandemic, and also “impossible for me to find a new apartment on such short notice.”

Unclear where this leave’s Mary-Kate, but it sounds like a awful position to be in.

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