Louise Thompson admits ‘things are getting easier’ amid ongoing PTSD battle

Louise Thompson has shared insights about her ongoing PTSD battle, admitting "things are getting easier" but she worries that "the fear might never leave me".

The former Made in Chelsea star, 32, been open and candid about her mental health struggles and tough times she has experienced over the last year, including a catastrophic house fire and her son Leo's traumatic birth, which left her with PTSD and severe anxiety.

In a series of Instagram stories posts on Wednesday 24 August, she wrote about her current state of mind.

"Gosh, just as I think things are getting easier (finally at the 9 month mark) I have a few good days in a row, then bam my brain likes to remind me that the fear might never leave me," she shared.

Louise continued: "Having PTSD is like someone else having the remote control to your life and a toddler grabbing the remote and mashing up the buttons completely randomly."

She added she might do "an updated video on how I am" as it might help others.

Louise recently posted an emotional video with an update on her health, urging others who are struggling with their mental health to seek help.

In the next Stories post, Louise wrote: "I feel quite conflicted because part of me really wants to ditch the past, forget about what happened to me and move on… Then on the other hand I want to open up about recovering from trauma because it helps me and helps others but I'm scared because I don't want it to consumer me forever. I want to forget it but I can't forget."

Louise was recently rushed to hospital again for mental and physical health issues.

Her latest posts came days after she shared a sweet video of her son Leo and fiancé Ryan Libbey to mark her baby boy turning nine months old.

Louise continued: "Someone described it well to me. Your brain is like one of those orange machines, constantly funneling oranges to make juice (processing memories). Then suddenly a watermelon comes along (traumatic incident) and it doesn't fit through the machine.

"Your brain doesn't have time to process it properly so it gets stuck. This means that no oranges can pass through the machine any more (thoughts, feelings, memories)… not normally anyway.

"You need to find different ways to chop down that watermelon to help it pass through the machine and to help normal life resume."

She then invited any of her 1.4million followers who could relate to share anything that had helped them.

Louise has also been updating fans on renovations to the lavish London home she shares with Ryan and Leo.

Last week, she posted a clip showing the transformation of their family bathroom, which was stripped back and given a makeover.


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