Louis Theroux beefed up in lockdown thanks to Joe Wicks’ workouts

Louis Theroux may be carrying a little more muscle mass these days after revealing how he beefed up in lockdown thanks to Joe Wicks’ popular workout tutorials. 

The 50-year-old filmmaker became a student of The Body Coach while stuck at home for months on end during the coronavirus pandemic and it seemed to work in his favour. 

According to Louis, he stuck with Joe’s fitness regime and is proud to say he has seen results. 

‘I did it religiously every day, except for weekends,’ Louis revealed on The Joe Wicks podcast. 

He went on: ‘It’s almost a safety blanket. When so much is weird in lockdown… and with everything going on, just having something in the diary that was non-negotiable, every morning [really helped].’

‘Quite often the family found it annoying that I’d be in the middle of the room doing it while they’re trying to eat breakfast,’ he quipped.

The documentarian added: ‘The first day, the kids did it, then the kids became semi-regular participants. I was trying to lead by example.’ 

Louis also revealed that he used to run ‘or drag [himself] around a park a few times a week’ in his early 40s but his ‘knees started giving [him] grief’ so he had to stop. 

Of course, Joe enjoyed huge success during the first few months of lockdown by streaming PE Classes online for children who were less active while schools were closed.

Earlier this year, Louis first revealed he was a fan of Joe’s workouts and told LadBible: ‘There are very few things that are locked in to my day, and the main one is that at 9am every morning, I do Joe Wicks… 

‘At 49, I’m probably fitter now than I have been in the last two years. I couldn’t do it this morning because of work, and I felt quite annoyed about it. I’ve been getting focused on having to do Joe Wicks every day.’ 

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