Lorraine Kelly admits worries over husband Steve buying jewellery

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Lorraine Kelly, 62, and her husband, Steve Smith, 62, have been married for three decades, but when her 50th birthday rolled around, the TV presenter got nervous that her husband didn’t know about her dislike of diamonds. In 2010, Lorraine was celebrating the milestone birthday when Steve noted he had “a surprise” for her, leading her down a street of jewellers. 

The TV presenter went on a celebratory trip to Edinburgh with her husband to mark her half-a-century.

In Edinburgh, Steve turned to Lorraine and said: “I’ve got you a surprise.”

He then led her down a little street lined with jewellers, much to Lorraine’s absolute dismay. 

Speaking on the How To Fail podcast with Elizabeth Day, the media personality recalled the gift that turned the moment from dread to delight. 

She said: “We went down this little alleyway thing and there was a lot of jewellers and I thought ‘Oh no he’s commissioned a piece of jewellery!’.

“No, right next door is this man who makes giant six feet tall penguins!

“He bought me a penguin of my own that’s in our garden looking out onto the river. 

“It’s so unbelievably cool!”

Lorraine claims she “doesn’t understand” why people love jewellery and diamonds.

She added: “Diamonds are just carbon I’ve never understood it.”

Penguins on the other hand are a great delight for the morning talk show host. 

In fact, when Lorraine and Steve were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary they went on a romantic getaway to Antarctica. 

Lorraine shared: “We did the Shackleton Voyage and I was crying. 

“So many penguins! 

“I just sat there and they come up to you because they’re not used to people. 

“It was a joy, it was the best, I can’t wait to go back.”

The revelation came about as the pair were talking about Lorraine’s unique house which is a renovated boat house, not to be confused with a house boat. 

Lorraine called it a “strange, wee house that’s had bitties added to it over the years”. 

Talking about her decor choice, the journalist siad: “Nothing really goes. It’s all over the place, it’s very eccentric. 

“I’ve got stuff everywhere. I’m a terrible hoarder like my gran. I’ve got penguins everywhere, piles of books everywhere. It’s a mad house!”

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