Lizzo Opens Up About Having Negative Thoughts About Herself: "I Know I'm Going to Get Through It"

Lizzo is being flooded with positive messages of love and support from fans after sharing a moving TikTok video on having “negative thoughts” about herself but recognizing it’s normal not to feel 100 percent positive all the time.

“I came home, and I took my clothes off to take a shower, and I just started having all of these really negative thoughts about myself,” she said. “Like, you know, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ‘Maybe everything, all the mean things people say about me are true.’ And, you know, ‘Why am I so disgusting?’ and hating my body.” Lizzo said she’d normally be able to get out of this kind of thought spiral by telling herself something positive, but it didn’t work this time “and that’s okay, too.”

“I think these are normal,” she said. “They happen to everybody. They happen to the best of us. We are the best of us. And I just have to know that tomorrow how I feel in here is gonna change. And I can only hope that it changes for the better. But I know I’m beautiful. I just don’t feel it. But I know I’m going to get through it.”

A little tmi for ur fyp… for anyone who has these thoughts too I hope you have a better day tomorrow

As E! News notes, Lizzo received a huge amount of support and gratitude from her fans, with many thanking her for being so open. One commenter said, “You have inspired millions of women to actually love their beautiful bodies, to appreciate and love themselves wholly. It’s OK to not be OK. But don’t let strangers’ words tarnish and sour you. You ARE loved, you ARE beautiful and you ARE AMAZING. Keep going babes.”

Another commenter wrote, “Thank you for this moment of vulnerability. So real…I hope soon you see yourself like so many of us do. A beautiful, funny and talented queen.”

Lizzo then shared a video all about self-love to her Instagram yesterday, writing “Wild to see the body positive movement come so far. Proud of the big girls who gave it wings. My body is changing but I’m gonna keep appreciating it from every angle.”

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