Lizzo eats watermelon with mustard in TikTok and fans aren't OK

Lizzo is a champ after taking one for the team and trying the odd combination of watermelon and mustard, which has of course become a huge TikTok trend. 

The Juice singer confused her taste pallette with the sweet and sour mixture after seeing it go viral on the social media app thanks to user @yayayayummy, who promised it tastes ‘so good’. 

In her attempt at the challenge, Lizzo is seen getting out of bed, grabbing a full watermelon in her fridge and chopping it up into slices. 

She then says in a dry manner: ‘Welcome to ‘Is It Buzzing Or Is It Disgusting?’ 

‘I’ve been seeing this s**t on the internet,’ she added. 

After slathering mustard over the fruit slice, she is seen scrunching up her face before exclaiming: ‘I don’t understand… hold on.’ 

It couldn’t have been too bad as Lizzo then squirted even more mustard before giving it another try. 

#stitch with @yayayayummy ummmm I ended up just eating it w tajin 🤭

Somehow, we’re not sure this is what Harry Styles had in mind when he sang about watermelon sugar highs. 

Naturally, Lizzo’s video garnered a confused response from fans, with one quipping: ‘I just spent a minute of my life watching Lizzo eat watermelon with mustard on it. Is this a peak or a low?’ 

Another stated: ‘Very disturbing watching lizzo put mustard on a watermelon.’ 

Others tried the challenge themselves and it had a mixed review, with one TikToker revealing: ‘I saw lizzo eat watermelon and yellow mustard on tiktok so I tried it and I was very surprised at how good it acc was.’ 

‘Why would you ruin such an amazing thing  !!!! Watermelon is good enough on its own dont need mustard s**t.’ 

In other words, we are not OK.

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