Lizzo Cries Over George Floyd & Police Breaking Up Peaceful Protests In Minneapolis: Watch

Lizzo became incredibly emotional during her May 31 impromptu Instagram Live, where she shed tears over ongoing police brutality and George Floyd’s death. Despite it all, Lizzo shared she still believes ‘in the good of people.’

On May 31, Lizzo opened up in an emotional, tearful Instagram Live video broadcasted to her fans, where she shared her dismay and frustration over the ongoing protests following the death of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, MN on May 25. In the video, the “Like A Girl” singer, 32, became incredible upset at the ongoing police brutality seen across the nation. “There are beautiful people — they didn’t ask for any of this. All they asked for,” Lizzo said, before trailing off and wiping tears from her face.

Lizzo az önce bir canlı yayın açtı ve son olaylar hakkında konuşup gözyaşlarını tutamadı. Canlı yayında şunları söyledi "Aslında tüm hayatlar değerli fakat biz sadece siyahların hayatları değerli, transların hayatları değerli, eşcinsellerin hayatları değerli diyoruz. Çünkü sadece onlara değer verilmiyor."

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“All they asked for was justice.” After collecting herself, Lizzo went on to observe, “all these people say not all cops are bad cops. I would love to see the good cops.” Indeed, as protests continue across the country, civilians are sharing images and video of police and law enforcement becoming increasingly violent toward peaceful protestors, erupting into physical confrontations and exchanges. Some media outlets have even captured excessive force from police, such as when CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and his crew were taken into custody for no apparent reason on May 29. They were later released.

Despite all of this, the Grammy-winner still has hope for the future. “This is the most outrage I’ve seen as a country, and that is starting to give me the first semblance of hope I’ve had in a long time,” she said. “I really do believe in the good of people, and maybe that makes me naive, but I’ve seen Minneapolis rise up and do incredible things.”

“All these people that say not all cops are bad cops. I would love to see the good cops…” #HHUCIT

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“I am just one person,” Lizzo went on, connecting with her legions of fans. “And you, watching, you’re just one person. But what we can do when we actually come together for each other is what the future of this country is all about…There is no ‘Make America Great Again. It is about the future.”

Much like Lizzo, many celebs and public figures have shown their outrage on social media and in protest. Stars like LeBron James and Cardi B took to social media in the days following George Floyd’s death to address their anger, and HalseyAriana Grande, and Cole Sprouse have each attended protests in California. As for Lizzo, the singer is continuing to use her Instagram platform to remind her followers to take care of themselves and where to seek out resources to donate, get involved, and work towards putting an end to systemic racism in the United States.

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