Lauren Goodger shows off blossoming baby bump as she counts down the days to birth

Lauren Goodger is counting down the days until her second daughter arrives, and in a sweet snap shared on Instagram, she looks ready to pop at any minute.

The former TOWIE star, 35, cradles her bump in a stunning photo and beams as she excitedly looks forward to the little one's birth.

Lauren and her partner Charles Drury already have a young daughter, Larose, who is just nine months old.

In the stunning snap posted on Monday, Lauren looks glam while wearing a white tank top and dark tracksuit bottoms.

Her brunette hair is beautifully swept to the side and her makeup looks perfect as she smiles for the camera.

She told her 789,000 followers that reflexology, where pressure is applied to different areas of the feet, is helping her feel ‘connected’ to her unborn daughter.

Lauren wrote: "She can tell so much from the feet about the body and its honestly made me feel so connected with the baby…

"When I had Larose I had @lrussellreflex do my last session to bring on labour and my waters broke 5 mins after my session!

She continued: "Honestly it's helped me today so much that 1 hour of relaxing and breathing and feeling connected with unborn just the best and love my sessions leading to birth.

"It's all so true how connected the feet are is crazy [heart emoji]."

The couple announced they were expecting their second child in January 2022.

They are planning to have another home water birth, after Larose was successfully delivered in the living room floor of Lauren’s old apartment.

Lauren told OK! That she wants to give birth in the annexe of her Essex home, stating: “This time I’m really worried about Larose, but hopefully she’ll be asleep,” she said, "But I’m going to do it [give birth] in the annexe – it’ll be like a stable.

“Thank God it’s double-glazed! I’m going to get a smaller birthing pool, Charlie’s going to be there and my midwife and doula.

“The good thing about a home birth is you can have a shower and a cup of tea after.”

In an Instagram post last month, she talked about how her body has changed by having two pregnancies back to back.

Lauren admits she has had ‘down’ moments, but applauds the ‘magical’ capabilities of a woman’s body.

She wrote: “My body has changed so much and grown and carried both my pregnancy’s now for 2 years back to back … it’s not been easy mentally or physically but I am so proud of it.

“What a beautiful magical thing a mothers body can do .. I’ve had my down moments when nothing fits and I think my boobs are a mess."

Lauren continued: “I am still breastfeeding Larose currently but I wouldn’t change any of it.

“I’m proud of my baby girl this body grown and nurtured my perfect baby girl.

“Not long now until my other little princess will be here .. not saying it’s been easy but it’s been god damn worth it."

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