Laura Tobin: GMB star opens up on battle for baby daughter who weighed just 3lb at birth

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Laura Tobin, 39, was informed back in July 2017 to immediately go to hospital by her Good Morning Britain co-star Dr Hilary Jones, after she had begun to suffer stomach pains on set. It later turned out that she was going into labour 12 weeks earlier than expected.

I didn’t know I was going into labour

Laura Tobin

Her daughter Charlotte Tobin weighed just 2lb 8oz when she was born and had a weak immune system.

She was unable to have a normal life and socialise during the first two years of her life.

Opening up on her fears over giving birth prematurely, Laura said: “If you knew what was happening, you’d be very worried, but I didn’t know I was going into labour.

“I turned up at work, I had a tummy ache, the wardrobe lady said, ‘My goodness, you don’t look well’.

“Charlotte [Hawkins] said, ‘Oh, it’s Braxton Hicks’.

“Dr Hilary was on his way in, so Debbie in wardrobe phoned him and he said, ‘It sounds like she might be going into labour but don’t tell her. I don’t want her to worry. St Thomas’s Hospital is down the road, which has the best unit in the country for premature birth’.

“I just turned up at hospital, then slowly it dawned on me, ‘OK, fine. It’s going to happen’,” she added to Sunday Mirror.

For the first two years of her life, Charlotte had to remain mostly indoors, but thankfully suffered no lasting health complications and is now an outgoing child who enjoys the outdoors.

Just after the adorable youngster was allowed to go outside, the coronavirus pandemic struck, and the family were forced to remain at home once more.

The GMB weather presenter admits that her family were “cautious” at first but when they discovered COVID-19 does not affect young people as much, it was a “huge weight” off her and husband Dean’s minds.

Laura has been married to Dean Brown since 2010 after the pair began dating since their days at the University of Reading.

Speaking to The Mirror in 2015, the star said of her spouse: “The thing about Dean was he didn’t become too intense, send me loads of flowers, and he didn’t love me more than anything on Earth. 

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“Our relationship just grew and after about six months we fell in love with each other. 

“When my friends pointed out we’d been dating for two months and I hadn’t dumped him, I was like, ‘Oh yeah!’

 “It wasn’t scary and I knew it was meant to be. 14 years later we’re still going.”

Marking the couples 10th anniversary on Twitter, Laura shared a post with a snap of herself in a stunning bridal gown and veil.

The second shot showed the GMB star holding an umbrella and a gorgeous bouquet.

Laura concluded the post with photos alongside her bridesmaids, who wore red floor-length dresses for the occasion.

The friends playfully posed while Laura took centre stage.

She captioned the snaps: “Today is my 10th Wedding anniversary-10 years wow, it’s flown by.

“It was Friday 13th-unlucky for some but not for me (but it did rain on the day).

“I still love my princess dress A good excuse to post photos from that wonderful day Love this pic of me and my gorgeous bridesmaids.”

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