'Last Man Standing' stars Tim Allen, Nancy Travis reflect on series coming to an end

FOX’s ‘Last Man Standing’ says goodbye after 9 seasons

Stars Tim Allen and Nancy Travis join FOX’s Ashley Dvorkin to discuss the long-running sitcom’s series finale

Tim Allen and Nancy Travis had a hard time letting go of “Last Man Standing.”

After nine seasons on the air, the popular sitcom will air its final episode on Thursday, May 20. The show will see the truck owned by Allen’s Mike Baxter go missing, so the family gathers to wish it farewell.

The emotional episode reflected the actors’ real life as they struggled to say goodbye to the long-running show.

“Our prop guy said, ‘Which of these did you want to take?’ and it was pictures of the family from the hallway that was going away,” Allen, 67, recalled. “I walked in and looked at Nancy and [I’m] literally surprised I got through that scene.”

He continued: “She really looked at me [and said], ‘Are you OK?’ and I was not OK.”

"Last Man Standing" star Tim Allen revealed that he ‘was not OK’ during his final days of filming the show. 
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While Travis, 59, is aware that making a television show means that she eventually has to say goodbye, she had a particularly tough time saying goodbye to “Last Man Standing.”

“It’s the nature of what we do,” she explained. “But this job, in particular, we just all formed such close bonds and relationships.”

Despite the Baxter family losing their truck, Allen got to take the vehicle home, as he’s owned it for over two decades.

Additionally, the comedian had the “Last Man Standing” team make him a model of the show’s set.

“I’ve got all these pictures of the cast and I haven’t put them up because it’s a bit too soon still to me,” he added.

Tim Allen and Nancy Travis of ‘Last Man Standing.’ (Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Part of what’s making this ending particularly difficult may be just how high-quality the two found the project to be.

“I’ve done this a lot,” said Allen, a veteran film and television actor. “I’ve never been more impressed with camera, directing, crew, lighting, sound and a staff – no conflict of egos.”

Travis added: “We just tried to portray a family and the nuances of a family, and the relationships within a family. To be able to bring that into somebody’s living room every single week is pretty incredible.”

“Last Man Standing” will air its one-hour series finale on Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on FOX. 

FOX’s Ashley Dvorkin contributed to this report

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